Shun Knives – A Sharp Concept in Kitchen Cutlery!


About Shun 


Shun knives have become one of the top brands in high quality cutlery during the past five years. As a result of this amazing improvement in kitchen cutlery, many in the culinary professionals and home chefs alike, have switched from industry standards such as Wusthof and Henckels to Shun. There is no question that Shun cutlery has been a game changer in the usually placid knife market!

This attention has not been unwarranted. Although it was Global that sold high performance Japanese cutlery to Western restaurants, it was Shun that presented them to the general public at large. Asian style knives, especially Japanese, are very popular, owing to there easy handling, lightness, thinner blades and extreamly sharp cutting edge.

There was doubt among industry front runners that there would be sufficient demand for the high-end Shun Knives, however Shun proved them wrong! Chef's and kitchen enthusiasts alike, fell in love with the Shun's. There was also concern about the sharpening of the super hard steels, however Shun accomodates customers with a variety of the appropriate Shun cutlery whetstones and sharpeners.

In Japanese, Shun means "Best time of the year" and is pronounced shoon as in moon. Shun knives are extremely sharp coming right out of the box, and have a 16 degree blade angle. Due to the mixture of blade steels (See The Shun Knife Technology) they stay sharp for a very, very long time.

These knives are an elegant addition to any kitchen. This is a fine example of form complimenting function. They are beautiful to look at and with the "D" shaped ebony Pakkawood handles, comfortable and snug to hold which equates to easy handling.

The Shun lines of cutlery are available in various series such as the well known Shun Knives Classic, and the new Shun Reserve Series. There are also elegant gift sets and handy accessories available. Please see "Links" in the right side column, to view a specific series of Shun cutlery, such as gift sets, knife and block sets and accessories.

The technical specifications for Shun knives can be found by clicking on "The Shun Technology" in the right side "links" area. There you will learn about the construction and component metals that combine to form the sharpest concept in kitchen cutlery – Shun Knives!